Online lecture about childbirth in Finland will be broadcasted in the Perheaikaa-portal!

This Tuesday March 18th at 1:30pm I will give an online lecture about childbirth in Finland. It is a 30 min lecture followed by a chat. Please join me and send your questions about the topic.

You can find the lecture info here:

The lecture is organized by Duo (association for intercultural families in Finland) and the Finnish Family Federation. The lecture can be watched later on in the Perheaikaa-portal.

The topic of the online lecture about childbirth in Finland

online lecture about childbirth in Finland

Are you pregnant and delivering your baby in Finland? Are you from a country where being pregnant and delivering a baby is viewed differently? This lecture gives you an overview of what is the Finnish way of looking after your pregnancy, what are your options to deliver your baby and what are the routines during pregnancy and labor.

Join the lecture by clicking the “Siirry luennolle” link (the link appears once the lecture has started). You can access the lecture using a nick name (nimimerkki) or as a registered user.

A direct link to the online lecture about childbirth in Finland is here:

Childbirth education and doula service in English

I am a CAPPA certified childbirth educator CCCE(CAPPA), DONA certified birth doula CD(DONA) and DONA doula trainer BDT(DONA).

I offer doula service in the Helsinki capital area (including Kirkkonummi and Lohja) in English.

My childbirth education can be a personal class, but also via Skype or phone, if you live further away.

Please contact me at or 050-5969011 if you need service in English.

You can read more about my English services in here.